Add ATTR to wallet

In order for you to see the ATTR balance in your crypto wallet, you need to add the contract address.


ATTR ERC20 Contract address: 0x44e2deC86B9F0e0266E9AA66e10323A2bd69CF9A

Testnet (Rinkeby): 0x926362b451A012F72b34240F36C3bDc163d462e0

In the example below we use Metamask, but process in other wallets are similar.

1. Open the extension, scroll down and hit the ‘Add Token’ button


2. Select the ‘Custom Token’ tab, and paste in the ATTR contract address 0x44e2deC86B9F0e0266E9AA66e10323A2bd69CF9A


3. Hit ‘Add Tokens’, the balance shows up in your Metamask wallet.