Person or contract who wants to buy a digital asset, like and NFT, and receives cashback.

On-chain Referral Tokens#

The referral token minted by the ReferralMarket contract, on request of the Promoter. Stored on chain, contains public data.


Person or contract who sends potential Buyers to the Seller in exchange for commission.


A referrable defines what is being sold, under what conditions. These conditions include commission for the promoter, cashback for the buyer, minting period and promotion period.

Referral page#

A referral page is http link that a promoter typically shares with his audience. Detailed information can be found here.

Minable Referral Tokens#

This referral token is derived from the On-chain Referral Token and minted in the browser or wallet of the Buyer. It is stored off-chain in the Verifier Nodes. This token is encrypted with a weak hash that needs to be mined in order to ensure privacy.


Person or contract who wants a Buyer for its digital asset, and is willing to pay commission.

Verifier Nodes#

Primary function of the verifier nodes is to observe the blockchains and trigger conversions to execute.