Verifier Nodes

Verifier Nodes are composed from a network of nodes whose role is to verify referral conversions and ensure that Attrace Referral Network can operate in a trustless manner without being managed by a central authority.

Verifier Nodes provides a crucial service to Attrace Referral Network and perform the core tasks:

  • Store Conversion Tokens - Minted Conversion Tokens derived from the Referral Tokens are stored by Verifier Nodes
  • Observe Blockchains - Verifier Nodes observe one of multiple blockchains transaction logs to spot any movement of the promoted token
  • Conversion Verification - Verifier Nodes verify conversions by retrieving the stored conversion tokens and identify transaction
  • Bounty Payout - Verifier Nodes Initiates conversion logic to trigger automatic payout of commission and cashback.
  • Fraud Detection - Verifier nodes are safeguarding the network and keeping it in check by looking to detect any potential fraud of the involved parties as well as the other peer nodes

May 10th 2021: This page is still work in progress. Documentation is being written about the staking, conversion verification, and fraud detection in full detail. Further more simple guides will be added how to start and stake your own node.