The planning of the development is driven by integrations and partnership opportunities, within the boundaries of the long term vision:

Becoming the referral standard for tokenized assets on any blockchain in a completely decentralised and trustless manner.

The roadmap items listed below are milestones as envisioned by the Attrace Team to achieve this goal.


This page is being updated regularly by Attrace Team. Feel free to make suggestions by editing this page and push in branch.

Attrace Referral Network#

2021 - now

Future Deliverables#

  • Referral dApp go live
  • Use cases (Network + dApp)
    • NFT Referrals
      • NFT Drops (primary sale)
      • Single/multiple NFT sale (secondary sale)
      • “Sweep the floor” NFT
    • DeFi referrals
      • Liquidity Pool and Liquidity Mining referrals
        • Uniswap V2 (Etherum)
        • LP referrals DFYN (Polygon)
        • LP referrals QuickSwap (Polygon)
        • all DEX support (Ethereum and Polygon)
      • Buy and Hold
      • Staking
      • IDO referrals Ethereum
        • Initial launch on Ethereum
        • all launchpads on Ethereum and Polygon)
    • Future use cases
      • Play to Earn referrals
      • Metaverse referrals
  • Networks (to observe the smart contract transactions for IDO, LP, NFTs)
    • Ethereum
    • Polygon
    • BSC
    • Flow
    • IMX
    • Solana
  • dApp Features
    • Whitelisting of promoters
    • Refer promoters
    • Enable buyer to connect wallets via mobile
    • Show Entitlements to Promoter, LP, and Seller
    • Cross-chain referrals (bounty on Polygon, token on Ethereum)
    • Multichain referrals (Ethereum & Polygon)
  • Verifier Network
    • Network Activation
      • Pre-staking - holders deposit their stake in ATTR to become eligible to operate a verifier node
      • Operational Verifier Nodes - stakers run verifier nodes
      • Network Activation - when sufficient stake is reached
  • Future infra/middle layer
    • SDK for partners to build on top of the network

Attrace Classic#

2018 - 2020 (legacy)

  • Custom in-house build high performance blockchain (DPOS)
  • ATTRC Explorer
  • ATTRC Wallet
  • UI Publishers and Merchants
  • Paypal Integration
  • Connectors (PHP/Node.js/Go)
  • Serverless connector solutions
  • Wordpress / Wooocommerce plugin

Decision to deviate from Attrace Classic to the Attrace Referral Network

Last update: November 18th 2021