The planning of the development is driven by integrations and partnership opportunities, within the boundaries of the long term vision:

Becoming the referral standard for tokenized assets on any blockchain in a completely decentralised and trustless manner.

The roadmap items listed below are milestones as envisioned by the Attrace Team to achieve this goal.


This page is being updated regularly by Attrace Team. Feel free to make suggestions by editing this page and push in branch.

Attrace Referral Network#

2021 - now

  • Conversion Verifier Nodes
  • Attrace Referral Marketplace Launch (NTF Referrals)
  • Attrace Outlet Launch (NFT Cashback)
  • DApps Referrals on Attrace Referral Marketplace
    • Attrace IDO Referral
    • ATTR liquidity provision
  • Ethereum based DApps and fungible token referables implemented on Ethereum contract
    • IDO Referrals
    • Liquidity provision referrals
    • Buy and Hold Tokens referrals
  • Integration with Polygon Proof of Stake (expand to Polygon Ecosystem)
  • Integration with Binance Smart Chain (expand to Binance Ecosystem)
  • Ethereum based NFTs, DApps, and fungible token referables implemented on BSC contract
  • Integration with multiple wallets to capture referrals
  • Referral link URL shortener
  • Approved Promoters feature
  • NFT Bounty airdrops
  • Support of ERC1155 referrals and cashback
  • Public Verifier Nodes
  • ATTR Staking on Verifier Nodes
  • Batch NFT Referrals listing and promotion via Attrace Referral Marketplace
  • NFT Promoter Spaces on Attrace Referral Marketplace
  • NFT Bounty support on Attrace Referral Marketplace
  • NFT and fungible token referrals implemented on Optimistic Rollup
  • Attrace Wallet Launch

Attrace Classic#

2018 - 2020 (legacy)

  • Custom in-house build high performance blockchain (DPOS)
  • ATTRC Explorer
  • ATTRC Wallet
  • UI Publishers and Merchants
  • Paypal Integration
  • Connectors (PHP/Node.js/Go)
  • Serverless connector solutions
  • Wordpress / Wooocommerce plugin

Decision to deviate from Attrace Classic to the Attrace Referral Network

Last update: August 17th 2021