August 2021

Ever since the Attrace Rererral Network has been live, the deliveries of the Attrace team have become more visible.

Product update#

  • 1/8: Liquidity Pools Referrals in beta on ETH with Uniswap V2
  • 6/8: IDO Referrals live on ETH supporting crowdsales
  • 10/8: Attrace bridged to Polygon and listed on Polygon DEX dfyn with ATTR/ETH pair
  • 13/8: As a result of the partnership with DFYN (Polygon network), the first Liquidity Pool Referrals are live based on 6 trading pairs (DFYN/ROUTE/ETH/USDC).
  • 18/8: UI for self-onboarding LP Referrals live at marketplace for both Uniswap V2 as well as DFYN Polygon
  • 27/8: CardWallet Liquidity Pool referrals life in partnership with Occam (Ethereum network)

First pools you can already promote:

  • DFYN - ETH
  • CW - USDC

The strategy of the Attrace team is still almost completely product focused and aimed at traction via the marketplace. The Attrace team aims to release new features in weekly cycles to meet requests from new projects, promoters and/or participants.

Marketing update#

  • Attrace started a partnership with renowned marketing firm to get the brand out (Serotonin currently also works with e.g. Alchemy, Casperlabs, Cosmos, Polkastarter, Sotheby’s etc.)
  • Attrace has completed a staking model which will be released once adoption is considered sufficient
  • Attrace has scheduled implementation of farming options

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