September 2021

Hereby the September 2021 update:

Product update#

  • 6/9: The Referral Marketplace has been moved to the homepage, with the Referral Network Information now available on
  • 8/9: After running various GUI testing sessions with promoters and participants to improve the user experience, the new website has been updated accordingly with numerous fixes and improvements
  • 13/9: ‘Refer a promoter’ functionality developed and added to the website
  • 17/9: DOP/ETH Liquidity Pool Referral live for! Powered by UniSwap 2, you can now start promoting the DOP/ETH pair (or participate for the bonus)
  • 20/9: QuickSwap, the largest DEX on Polygon, is now connected to the Attrace ecosystem! The first QuickSwap Liquidity Pool Referrals will be announced this month, in combination with a targeted marketing push

Marketing and Business update#

  • First traction in the Asian market with organic news, some first ATTR purchases and new leads for potential partnerships
  • Traction from four very large crypto news websites and crypto portals. These are large third party promoters. A key question / interest for projects (setting up their own Attrace referrals) has always been the option to get third party promoter reach outside of their own communities. The interest from these large third party promoters can be interpreted as another validation for the basic Attrace Web 3 referral proposition
  • Attrace community members that shared useful marketing suggestions, product improvements and or partnership contacts have been rewarded with $ATTR

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